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Best of Big D 2010-2014 Readers' Choice: Best Eyebrows

Cindy DiMaggio was selected as the winner four consecutive years.


  • Readers’ Choice: Best Eyebrows (2014)
  • Readers’ Choice: Best Eyebrows (2013)
  • Readers’ Choice: Best Eyebrows (2012)
  • Readers’ Choice: Best Eyebrows (2011)
  • Readers’ Choice: Best Eyebrows (2010)

InStyle 2010 Beauty Black Book: Brows

“With 20 years in the brow business, DiMaggio has developed a dedicated following (fans fly from all over the U.S.) which can make scoring an appointment difficult. But trust us, she’s worth the wait. With an impressive knack for symmetry and detail, she waxes brows into neat, natural shapes while dispensing invaluable advice (like how to warm up the tip of your brow pencil before filling patchy areas).”

Cindy DiMaggio - Eyebrow Expert Dallas Logo

Allure Special issue: Best of Beauty Dallas Best Eyebrows

Cindy DiMaggio was listed as best eyebrows in Allure’s special issue best of beauty October 2011.

Cindy DiMaggio featured in Lucky

“In-the-know beauty types are flocking to Cindy DiMaggio at the Salon Boutique for the best $23 brow wax in town…”

Cindy DiMaggio in Whose Wedding is it anyway?

High Brow

“DiMaggio’s got a knack for seeing things symmetrically (unlike some people). Pretty handy, since nine out of ten victims come in with an overtweezed left eye. She’ll help you achieve the perfect brow by using stencils, special elixirs to generate hair growth after the accidental butchering, and even tints to accentuate your new arch..”

Dallas Morning News

“The brow wizard of Dallas is undoubtedly Cindy DiMaggio. Lucky Magazine recognized Cindy as “the best $23 brow wax in town.” As a clinical aesthetician, she offers a variety of fairly priced services, including eyebrow makeovers, lip and chin waxing, microdermabrasion, peels and permanent cosmetics. You’ll find her tucked away at Salon Boutique in Preston Center.”

Mattie Roberts

“There is something uncanny about having perfectly groomed eyebrows. It can take years off your face, make you look like you had a little work done or just make you seem really well rested! You had best not try to do it yourself the first few times, leave it to the professionals like Cindy DiMaggio (972) 523-9921. She has done beautiful brows on the models and celebrities of Dallas and has trained with the best. She has kept my raging unibrow under control for years.”